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The Clinica ProVita Foundation is a Romanian non-profit in existence for over 20 years. They share Healthbridge Global’s passion for intersecting the gospel of Jesus Christ with high-quality, compassionate healthcare. Pro-Vita is led by Dr. David Ille, his staff, a team of volunteers, and a board of dedicated Romanian men and women.

“Someone must stand up for the innocent, the unborn, the vulnerable and the neglected.”

Dr. David Ille, M.D.

Dr. David Ille was the 7th of 8 children born to hard working farmers in the beautiful but demanding countryside of Romania. Pressured to have an abortion because of her lack of education, David's mother refused, telling the doctor, “all the children God gives me, shall live”. David owes his life to the convictions of his mother. David's parents were part of an underground Christian movement that frequently suffered persecution during the 40+ years of communist rule. Raised with deep and enduring convictions, David felt called to the medical profession, and studied to become a pediatrician.

Doctors in Romania are not afforded the same respect as in the West, yet David sensed a profound call to serve his people, caring for both body and soul. Many years later God used a woman to challenge David to confront the epidemic of abortion and neglect that existed within women's healthcare. Over two decades later, David and his organization are making critical differences. Fueled by a love for God, and a profound appreciation for the life and heritage left by his mother and father, David has become an unparalleled advocate for women and the unborn in Romania.




Babies saved from abortion since the start of ProVita


Women counseled about pregnancy and motherhood


University students reached with training and education


Medical appointments provided to women in the community

For almost 2 decades Dr. David and his team of staff and volunteers at Clinica ProVita have been providing education, counseling, prevention, and gynecological care to ten’s of thousands of women, students, and families. During this time they've gone through multiple expansions of services, staff, and facilities. The ministry is now fully self-supporting and has gained a solid reputation in the city and the medical community in the Transylvania region of Romania. More remains to be done. The next step in clinic ProVita’s mission is LIFE Medical Center - a fully functional maternity Center, allowing Provita to care for women from the moment they discover they are pregnant, all the way through delivery, postpartum, and even early pediatric services.



Asking for investment to expand Clinical Services to women and become operationally sustainable through the purchase and build-out of an expanded facility, without any debt.



Life Medical Center

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