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For over a decade eye care professionals have been serving the rural populations of South East India with critical, life-altering vision care. We partner with industry leaders, equipment manufacturers, eyewear companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hosts of volunteers from India and North America to meet needs in effective and efficient ways. We are seeking to generate long-term impact through the raising up of local Indian men and women to provide care in a sustainable and dignified manner to their own people.


Functional vision is a privledge that most of us in developing nations take for granted.  Decreased eye sight can affect one's ability to care for children, travel to work, and make a living.  Poor vision leads to overall poorer health.  It often only takes a little bit of vision care, to make a tremendous impact in someones life.

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Those seeking to help with our iCare for India project can do so in a few ways:

Join on a trip. We take a mix of medical and non medical team members. We’ll train you to participate in meaningful ways. The next trip is planned for late 2020 or early 2021.

20,000 pairs of custom Rx'd glasses

5,500 cataract surgeries

35,000 eye-related evaluation

15,000 dental exams and treatments

30,000 pairs of reading glasses distributed

Donate financially. Team members cover all their own expenses, but while on the ground we help with the costs of procedures locally in India. Your partnership can help make this possible for some of the most needy and vulnerable.

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