Healthbridge Global

We focus on areas of the world with significant healthcare needs, allowing those medical needs to open doors for the gospel.  We embrace works that are marked by:



-Relationships vs. Institution

-Indigenous Leadership



Romania is a beautiful country with wonderful people, who have been through many trials. For over 40 years, Romanians were subjected to a brutal communistic regime. This came to an end when the people revolted and overthrew the unjust government.  Under communism many societal wounds were inflicted, one of the most prolific being the erosion of healthcare and particularly, women's healthcare. Romania has been struggling to erase this stain of oppression and restore dignity to the healthcare system since the shift in government. They need a helping hand.

This is where we come in; we have identified two major areas of opportunity and are convinced that, when fixed, these will lead to countrywide improvements. We believe that when people are treated with the care and compassion of Christ, that those people will begin receiving and giving the same type of care to others. Our specific focus in healthcare is for women and the unborn. We desire to help with the lack of dignity for women during care, as well as, the current abortion crisis (with nearly 6 out of 10 pregnancies terminated in Romania). 

How do we make a difference?  We have a local partnership with doctors that have been working towards change for the last 18 years.  A local organization in northern Romania runs as a not-for profit medical clinic that is multi-specialty and is culture-changing in its approach; no bribes, women encouraged to ask questions, families educated to engage in the pregnancy process, taking time to connect patients to needed short, dignity.  The clinic then self-funds all of its counseling, outreach and education programs with individual and within local high schools from the medical services provided.  In 2013 we took a significant step forward by purchasing (debt free) an expanded medical facility which quadrupled the space for patient care and limited any future risk to the clinic due to leasing.  The final thing left undone is our ability to close the loop of care. The current facility can only help women through the first trimester of pregnancy and cannot accommodate births . 

The next step is to build the first non-abortive women's hospital in Romania so that we can close the loop of care and provide a bribe free, non-coercive, dignified birthing process for these moms... LIFE Medical Center.


    So far we have seen 18,000+ students educated about biblical/biological sexuality, 33,000+ women counseled about pregnancy and motherhood and nearly a thousand babies saved from abortion. This has brought more than a dozen other non-profits organizations together and mobilized counseling/education campaigns in other Romanian cities.